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All You Need Is YOU

Kia Ora,Welcome, Willkommen,

I am teaching and facilitating an ancient method, that is based on quantum physics, to help you remember who you really are and finally start to live a healthy, prosperous and meaningful life so you can explore and live your soul-'fuelled' potential. Originally from Hawaii and now commonly known as the 2 point method.

Look at the list below and see if anything resonates with you:

  • I am tired of being stuck
  • I am so afraid of ...... ( fill in the blank)
  • My business is not growing
  • I can't make a decision on what to do next
  • I feel tired all the time
  • I feel lonely ( with or without a relationship)
  • I am sick of being sick
  • Why does this (...) always happen to me?
  • I don't love myself or no one loves me
  • I have a great idea ...but...
  • when I have ..... then I will.....
  • I feel I don't belong here
  • Nothing good will ever happen to me
  • I don't deserve a better life

I could go on for ages. I think you get the idea. If any of these questions/statements resonate with you and you want to change them I can offer you help.

How does 2 pointing work in my daily life?

I am looking forward to meeting you!

New Webinar Series commencing soon

New Webinar series for all you 2 pointing friends. Deeper Transformation and Integration. Conscious co-creation of our authentic loving selves.
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My Gift of Transformation for you

I have enjoyed working with a dedicated group of 16 for a whole year and we have had our final webinar for 2015. I decided to open that one to all of you as a gift as we transformed all remaining blockages that we hadn't dealt with in 2015 and beyond.
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Waimarama Brook Sanctuary in Nelson

Involved with the Sanctuary since it was created in 2007, Yvonne has become a reliable and enthusiastic volunteer, working both as a trapper and ‘meet and greeter’ at the visitor centre.
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Do you enjoy Good - By's?

My journey in my old home country comes to an end and Boy what journey it has been. I share my experience with you.
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2 Pointing Self Application


My first webinar on 2 pointing


2 pointing short version