I am offering intuitive coaching sessions

Sometimes all the good intentions and efforts to change are simply too big a task to see thru on your own. I believe that we all have the abilities in us to change for the better and I can see that in you. However you sometimes simply can't see the tree in the forest and want some help. A guide who is with you and walks the first steps ahead of you, so you simply can follow. Then we will walk side by side for a while until you are ready to stride out ahead on your own. 

A second pair of eyes and ears can sometimes see the bigger picture much faster and clearer. Or you simply don't have the energy yet to apply any tool or resource and just want to sit back and let me facilitate the process for you. I am picking you up from where you are and together we can transform your blocks that currently feel so heavy and like a burden. I believe in you until you do! You are perfect as you are and this tool can help you to not only  recognize that but to live a life of joy and your full potential, beyond your wildest dreams. It happened for me and there is no reason why it can't happen for you. 

Let me just be clear though. It IS a journey and not a quick fix magic wand. You will come to enjoy that journey when you give it a chance. 

I look forward to working with you and unleash your amazing potential.

How to contact me:

My Skype name is catze16


Sessions are 60 minutes.

If you are in New Zealand you can also pay via bank transfer. 


I look forward to empowering you to transform your life.

Love and Light


"I awoke at 4 am a few mornings back - not fully awake, a memory slipped into my consciousness. The feeling of shame followed. I thought: I am not having that feeling any longer. Two point it away. This took but a few seconds and I felt the negative association leave my body - so quick - Amazing! A technique that is totally private, even when you are working with someone else. You can 'two point' even in a public place and no one will notice. But you will know what has changed and soon others will notice the positive changes in you. Break the old habits. I would whole-heartedly recommend learning Catrin's Two pointing.

— Kathleen Matheson based in Nelson, New Zealand