I started to create little videos for you.

Sometimes we can connect with a message better when we hear the words and see the person speaking them. I am new to this and am finding my feet in this amazing field of ever expanding technology. I have come to acknowledge and love my imperfections. However I am starting something new now, instead of waiting until 'forever' to get it done 'perfect'. That feels good. 

The same goes for webinars, which is one of the videos. From having no idea how this works to getting started took me about 3 months. With the encouragement and research of my son I found this software that seems to do the trick for now and it is so wonderful to connect with people all over the world. 

So enjoy the first few videos that are displayed here. You can subscribe to my channel to get regular updates when I create new ones. If you have specific topics you want me to talk about please just contact me. I am all ears.