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Kia Ora,Welcome, Willkommen,

I am teaching and facilitating an ancient method, that is based on quantum physics, to help you remember who you really are and finally start to live a healthy, prosperous and meaningful life so you can explore and live your soul-'fuelled' potential. Originally from Hawaii and now commonly known as the 2 point method.

Look at the list below and see if anything resonates with you:

  • I am tired of being stuck
  • I am so afraid of ...... ( fill in the blank)
  • My business is not growing
  • I can't make a decision on what to do next
  • I feel tired all the time
  • I feel lonely ( with or without a relationship)
  • I am sick of being sick
  • Why does this (...) always happen to me?
  • I don't love myself or no one loves me
  • I have a great idea ...but...
  • when I have ..... then I will.....
  • I feel I don't belong here
  • Nothing good will ever happen to me
  • I don't deserve a better life

I could go on for ages. I think you get the idea. If any of these questions/statements resonate with you and you want to change them I can offer you help.

How does 2 pointing work in my daily life?

I am looking forward to meeting you!

What do waves have to do with our lives?

The year 2016 is quickly coming to an end and in a lot of areas of our lives it feels like literally an end. The end of a 9 year cycle that concludes one area of lessons and learning in our personal lives. Have you noticed how old patterns have been emerging this year, maybe those that you carry with you already a lot longer than 9 years? Have you felt the intensity in some areas of your live t

It means everything and nothing

I feel drawn to be here and to help lift the incredible heaviness and darkness that surrounds Europe currently. I feel that Germany has a vital role to play to find a ‘new’ way of living, working, communicating, transforming. The old wounds are so obvious here. What does everything and nothing mean...

The Truth Will Set You Free

One day, we will realize what a privilege it is to be here, even or especially when that other part of us (the human one) thinks of life as being ‘bad’ or horrible or painful or boring … the list goes on. It IS a privilege to be here. To breathe. To connect.

The Greatest Love of All

A journey into the depths of our soul. In a very practical way.

2 Pointing Self Application


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